Cat Scratch Post with Perch-Furniture



Cat is Good Scratch Post w/ Perch

Quality cat trees come in all styles. The Cat is Good Scratch Post w/ Perch offers a rough place for your cat to sharpen their claws. Cat’s need to scratch; It’s innate. This post will provide an outlet for that need and save your furniture, making a very happen cat and owner. It has a stable base with carpeting and a plush place to rest on top, so your cat can be above everything. It is also shaped as a cat head for fun! Post has sisal, which is great for claws. Treat your cat to luxury today!

Sisal wrapped post
Carpeted with stable base-No tipping
Perch on top for cat’s view
Plush seat
Great for scratching
Saves your furniture
Made of plush polyester

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Weight 1 lbs