Poochie Bells Dog Door Bells with Training Guide - Sold Out



Decorative Dog Door Bells-Lava Print

Give your dog a fun and effective way to alert the household of their need to go outside. It’s colorful ribbon has an open handle that can be placed on any type of door knob. These bells are perfectly placed and snapped in, so it can be used by all breeds. It comes with a training guide, which has had a high success rate when implemented correctly. The age of your dog doesn’t matter. Dogs anywhere from 10 weeks to 16 years+ can be trained in a couple of days! Also, it’s great for traveling. No installation. Made in the USA

Fits all door types
Carefully secured bells
All breeds can use
Alert but gentle ringing
Highly effective training guide
Endorsed by professional trainers
Used by puppies and older dogs
Great for travel
Made in USA

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